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09 August, 2015
In 40 tribal villages of the Sundargarh district. ,
Date: 09 August, 2015
Location: In 40 tribal villages of the Sundargarh district. ,

This day was celebrated in 40 tribal villages where all the children, youth, women and villagers participated. The theme of the celebration was “Good Health and Well Being”. The children and the youth were taken out in a rally in the village in order to sensitize the community about the day, its theme, etc. Public meetings were organized in each village to highlight the tribal identity, its rich natural resources and its cultural heritage along with a degradation process. The need to protect it was highlighted. Further, the present health status, nutrition status and socio-economic condition were discussed. Also, an alternative form of development where well being is the top priority was also discussed. The villagers planned to take initiatives to develop nutrition garden in each family in an organic method using traditional seeds, decrease dependency on market, avoid allurement of market forces and protect their resources. The children and women were to be given priority on health, food and education. The tribal identity and culture needs to be protected with good practices.

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