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Good Bye to Endosulphan Forever

Should farmers thank all for the given agrarian journey since last half century under the umbrella of Green Revolution? Bollywood’s silver screen response reflects the whole picture more vividly. One can very much assess the Indian peasant’s way forward from Manoj kumar’s “UPKAAR” in mid-seventy singing with joy ‘mere desh ki dharti ,suna ugle ugle […]


Asserting on Entitlements improves life and livelihood

Mr.Somranjam Burh, a tribal of village Loaram of the Nuagaon block of the Sundargarh district in Odisha died out of cancer. After his death, his wife Mrs. Naimi Burh and their four children was thrown from his house by his parents as they felt these children will be the future claimant on the ancestral property. […]