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Project strategy

The TDH/BMZ-Project by DISHA, focused on improving health, nutrition ensuring, and environment and increasing living standards in target communities through improvement of life quality in the area of health and nutrition as well as environmental education.

The strategy for this project orients itself according to the experiences from the previous project, the results and of the evaluation as well as the newly gained results from the baseline analysis in the target communities. Here the project concentrates on the following components:

  1. Enabling the of communities, working on nutrition ensuring, malnutrition and other health problems by means of a combined approach of regeneration of community knowledge about food and nutrition, encouragement of nutrition from the ecosystem and basics for good health care for families.
  2. Strengthening of women of youth participation in the health system by means of development and training of women and youth as well as promotion of sustainable existence ensuring of groups with more optimized usage of locally available resources especially to reduce and promote infrastructure development and dialogue with the government.
  3. Educating children via environmental education by involving topics of nutrition and sustainable development with practical methods.

Donor: terre des hommes and BMZ, Germany